Boxing Class in Rockford Illinois
Photo, courtesy Thienly Truong.

Are you tired of the same old workout routines? While running for one hour on a treadmill can get boring at times, boxing cannot. Yes, boxing is the new fun way to workout. While many of us assume boxing entails receiving heavy punches, this is not the case. Boxing can be a form of workout which involves healthy physical activity with no contact between you and your partner. The aim is to work out different parts of your body, while learning the same technique as those who choose compete in the sport.

How it works

A typical boxing workout entails taking group boxing classes whereby you participate in the sport alongside a group of other boxers. You will throw the punches and move your body, just as in a boxing ring.. You will be training with gloves, heavy bags, and padded mitts. This kind of activity leaves you feeling better physically and mentally. Below are the health benefits of boxing;


If you have pent up emotions, you don’t need to yell at people or punch things. The health benefits of boxing stretch beyond the physical body. It helps you channel your anger and frustrations elsewhere. As you coordinate your legs, arms and eyes to throw punches, you automatically release pent up emotions thus leading to better mental health.

Cardiovascular workout

Boxing is undoubtedly an intense form of workout. Every part of your body is in coordinated movement as you move from back to front repeatedly as well as jump slightly up and down to position your punches. The heart and lungs benefit immensely from this kind of movement. As you may have noticed, professional boxers often end up sweating a lot, just after a few rounds due to the intensity of activity. Similarly, when you engage in the sport, your movement will be equivalent to popular aerobic exercises, hence preventing heart and lung failure.

Weight loss

Have you ever seen an overweight boxer? Depending on how active you are, spending ten minuted in a boxing ring can help you lose up to 90 calories. The difference between this and other weight loss exercises is that you will not experience muscle pain after the workout due to the buildup of lactic acid. In addition, you don’t have to focus on working out individual body parts at different times. The weight loss is spread out evenly and you don’t even have to think about it. All you have to do is focus on throwing punches.

Muscle gain and strength building

Have you always wanted to look athletic? Boxing is your go-to sport for that enviably toned body. When throwing punches, every major muscle in your is involved. However, some muscles are stretched out further than others. The shoulder, arms and chest muscles, for instance, are more involved and you’re likely to tone these faster than others. As for the legs, they are constantly moving from the time your adrenaline kicks in. You need to jump up and down as well as move back and forth in order to maintain balance. This continuous motion will eventually lead to toned leg muscles, all the way from your calves to your glutes. As you build your muscles, you will also be adding to your strength. Strong muscles equal to a generally stronger body.

Improved coordination and flexibility

Boxing is a game of focus. You need to have your eyes on the target at all times. In addition, your movement needs to be calculated if you want to land your fist on the right spot. For professional boxers, any kind of distraction could lead to a fatal knockout. While training in a boxing class, you will acquire similar coordination skills and your body will automatically gain flexibility as you learn to evade punches. These skills can be useful in your day to day life. If you have trouble coordinating your muscles or focusing on your work activities, boxing will equip you with the discipline to propel you to success.

Boxing Class in Rockford Illinois
Photo, courtesy Thienly Truong.

In a nutshell, boxing can transform your life from boring and unhealthy to fun and full of energy. It’s a sport that involves the entire body and mind and you don’t have to stress yourself over losing calories as this comes automatically. You also get the extra benefit of staying fit and ready, just in case someone decides to swing at you in the streets, at home or at work.