Labor Day - Rockford IL

Labor day is one of the few national holidays, where we celebrate the hard work of others by doing no work at all. Unless of course you run a parade company.

Celebrated on the first Monday of every September, Labor day was conceived to celebrate the the success of the American Labor Movement. Labor and trade unions are most to thank for the establishment of Labor Day. In 1887 Oregon became the first state to make it an official public holiday and in 1894 would go on to be federally recognized.

Labor day has an interesting choice of day as it usually coincides with the end of summer. It is not uncommon for people to plan their vacations ending on Labor day weekend. A very smart move to secure a free day of vacation. It also denotes the start of many fall sports like the NCAA, NFL, and even NASCAR.

For the most part Labor day is celebrated with a plethora of activities. If you like hot dogs and hamburgers, barbecues are a tradition during labor day weekend. Wanna soak up some of the last rays during summer? Head to the beach! If you really love your family and wanna spend an extended amount of time motionless in a vehicle then don’t fret!

Many major cities hold special celebrations. For example New York City holds the Labor Day Carnival. This event can attract between one and three million attendees. Locally many small towns tend to hold parades or carnival’s of their own.

Another big aspect of Labor day are the sales. Back to school sales are big during that time of year and it is not uncommon for retailers to report record sales during labor day weekend. You will be able to find a ton of sales on clothing, school supplies, electronics and more! Almost every national retailer holds a big sale so it’s a great time to pull the trigger on the new TV you’ve been eyeing perfect for the upcoming NFL kick off game!

Labor day weekend is an American past time but it is also a time of remembrance. Labor and trade unions fought hard to earn workers fair treatment in the workplace. The 40 hour work week we enjoy is only the result of sacrifice, persistence, and the start of the American Labor Movement. So next time you bite into a labor day hot dog, enjoy a parade, or take advantage of some awesome savings. Be sure to remember those who worked hard to earn us the rights we enjoy today!

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